Custom Design

Custom Design and Commissioned Work

Using traditional skills and techniques passed on from previous generations in the Herrera family, our designs are both functional and artful. Lines are sharp and graceful. Curves are elegant and flowing.

Working within your budget, Herrera Ornamental Iron Works will custom design your next project with consideration to the surroundings and environment that the work will be placed in, as well as your vision and tastes in mind. We can also work from you or your architect’s designs as well.

Whether your design calls for traditional ornamental, art nouveau, or geometric elements, we will provide you with the most design and finished work for your money as possible.

References are always available upon request; we strive to build a solid reputation for delivery of top-quality work.

Custom Production and Fabrication

Are you looking for limited runs of custom-made ironwork for your next product or contract? Herrera Iron Works is pleased to announce that we now offer custom limited runs.

Whether you’re a fabricator or a contractor needing custom hand-hammered iron parts, Herrera Iron Works can build and assemble to your exact specifications and deliver on-time and on-budget.

Retailers looking for custom-built iron parts, or perhaps a finished product fully assembled in iron, will find our work outstanding.